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Cyber Security And IT Services For Everyone

You are being targeted by cyber criminals.

There is one new ransomware victim every 10 seconds.

Organizations lacking cyber security controls, awareness and training can lose everything from an attack. Learning how to prevent these attacks is always cheaper than handling damage control. LastLine Cyber helps companies protect themselves starting with the last line of cyber defense: your employees. 

(Left to Right) Jake and Josh Pribanic, Co-Founders of LastLine Cyber

Meet Josh and Jake:

We’re Josh and Jake Pribanic, the brothers behind LastLine Cyber. We understand how difficult managing IT and cyber security can be, especially for small to mid-sized organizations.

Our methodology cuts through that fog to make things understandable.

  • Simplified information technology management and cyber strategy development
  • Solutions for improving cyber security maturity in organizations with an existing cyber strategy
  • Advanced services for organizations requiring penetration testing and vulnerability remediation

Our Cyber-Security Services

Awareness Programs

Delivering the most up-to-date awareness strategies and content.

Penetration Testing

The only true way to test the security of your organization.

Employee Training

Entertaining lessons that stick, in an understandable format.

Policy Development

One of the first steps in creating a security aware culture.

Cyber Risk Assessment

Understand your risks and protect your assets.

Cyber Maturity Assessment

Understand your risks and protect your assets.

Vulnerability Scanning

Uncover, prioritize, and fix cyber security exploits.

Phishing Simulations

Test your employee's phishing detection skills. Improve cyber awareness.

ISO 27001 ISMS Implementation

Align cyber strategy to world renown best practices.

Fortify Your Business
With Cyber Security Awareness

Peace Of Mind

Executives and managers can rest easy, knowing everyone is trained and aware. IT can focus on improving systems instead of damage control.

Reduced Attack Surface

With trained employees protecting your data, and a sustainable cyber strategy, attackers won't stand a chance.

Secure Workplace Culture

Keep security top of mind in your organization through ongoing awareness. Maintain secure systems with penetration testing and vulnerability scanning.

Partnership With LastLine Cyber Means:

Employees who DON'T

Employees who DO

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