Take Control Of Your Cyber Security

LastLine Cyber takes a people first approach to cyber security improvements. 

Cyber security is sometimes regarded as a complex and prohibitive.  However, it doesn’t have to be this way. 

LastLine Cyber ties cyber security initiatives directly to your business goals and organizational culture. 

Yes, implementing cyber security improvements means processes and procedures might change, but we don’t stop at recommending improvements.  Our consultation incorporates change management, to increase the adoption and success of your cyber security projects. 

When your employees take ownership of cyber security responsibilities, your organization wins. 

Cyber Maturity Assessments

Uncover opportunities for cyber security improvements.
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Cyber Risk Assessments

Understand your risks. Protect your assets.
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Policy Development

One of the first steps in creating a security aware culture.
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ISO 27001 ISMS Implementation

Align cyber strategy to world renown best practices.
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Cyber Maturity Assessment (Gap Analysis)

Understand your current cyber security maturity​

Uncover "quick win" opportunities for cyber security improvement​

Track organizational progress towards increasing levels of cyber maturity​

Information Security Risk Assessments

Identify where critical information security risks exist in your environment​

Uncover and address unsecure processes

Prioritize risks and plan smart and sustainable cyber security investments​

Policy Development

Strengthen organizational cyber security culture

Clearly communicate expectations and guidelines regarding working securely​

Support legal and ethical information security responsibilities

ISO 27001 ISMS Implementation

Align cyber strategy to internationally recognized best practices​

Prove dedication to internal and external stakeholders' information security​

Stand out from the competition as an ISO 27001 certified organization​