Information Security Risk Assessments

Information security breaches occur when cyber criminals take advantage of vulnerabilities present in any organization.

Managing information security risks reduces the likelihood and impact of an information security breach.

Information security risk management enables any organization to have an actionable plan when addressing the risks you might face.

How does the assessment work?

In the ISO 27000 family of standards, ISO 27005 focuses specifically on conducting Risk Assessments.

We primarily utilize ISO 27005 due to its internationally recognized methodology, along with alignment to the best practices outlined in ISO 27001.

Our process varies by client, but generally it looks like this:

  1. Organization Analysis/Scoping
  2. Risk Management Criteria
  3. Risk Identification
  4. Risk Analysis
  5. Risk Evaluation
  6. Risk Treatment Plan Development
  7. Risk Treatment Implementation

Looking to utilize another risk assessment methodology like OCTAVE or NIST 800-30 – We’ve got you covered!  Let’s talk!