Take Control Of Your Cyber Security

A critical component of any cyber security strategy is increasing organizational cyber security awareness. 

While there are many cyber security awareness and training solutions on the market, employees respond best when cyber security initiatives are tied directly to their organizations. 

LastLine Cyber helps you build Awareness and Training programs which link the day-to-day activities of your organization to information security knowledge, skills and attitudes. 

When we say we build “Customized Awareness and Training Programs” we mean it. 

We’re not just slapping a logo on a pre-built training module and calling it “customized.” 

We build each training or awareness program completely tailored to your organization.

Awareness Programs

Form the building blocks of a cyber defense strategy.
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Entertaining lessons that stick, delivered in an understandable format.
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Awareness Programs

Effectively communicate why cyber security is important to your organization​

Keep good cyber security habits top of mind

Build a culture of cyber awareness and accountability

Employee Training

Engage your workforce through customized cyber security training​

Teach your organization the knowledge and skills needed to defend against cyber crime​

Identify opportunities for constructive cyber security improvement​