LastLine Cyber is an IT Governance Registered Partner

IT Governance and LastLine Cyber Partnership

We are incredibly excited announcing LastLine Cyber’s partnership with IT Governance. When we started LastLine Cyber, we established early on that we are a different kind of cyber security company.  

Specifically, we want to make cyber security feel like an approachable and understandable topic.  We are a dedicated cyber security consultancy focusing on helping SMB’s navigate the security journey. Indeed, this dedication makes clear the need for partnerships who dedicate themselves to achieving similar outcomes. 

About IT Governance USA, Inc.

With a management team responsible for the first ISO 27001 certification, IT Governance is built on a foundation of best practices.  Comparatively, much like LastLine Cyber, their passion is “…helping organizations protect themselves, their customers and their data from the ever-evolving threats of the digital world…” and they do it well. 

Particularly, IT Governance’s experience in leading ISO 27001 implementations is exceptional. This positions the company as the trusted provider for more than 600 companies preparing for certification.

Additionally, providing expert built and cost effective cyber security solutions from security software to information security toolkits, IT Governance is positioned as a leading provider of: 

  • Training 
  • Consultancy 
  • ELearning & Staff Awareness 
  • Toolkits 
  • Software 
  • Infosec Standards 

Check out their website HERE

What this Partnership means for LastLine Cyber Customers 

Ultimately, you get more from us. 

Primarily, this partnership greatly expands our service offerings. Additionally, IT Governance provides avenues for continuously developing our skills through online classes and training. 

Furthermore, we have access to best-in-class technologies and resources. These resources enable streamlined processes, simplified projects and sustainable information security solutions for clients regardless of industry or size.

Moreover, the team at IT Governance is much like our own. Personable, professional, skilled and motivated. This partnership excites us, and we hope you’re excited too.  

Interested in free information security resources?  Check out IT Governance’s catalogue of free webinars, green papers, reports, case studies and more!  

To view credentials held by IT Governance, click here.

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